Left to Right: Nathan Collins, Ashley Redding , Sally MacMillan, Bruce MacMillan, Holly Taylor, Dan Elsen, Zeke Cottrell, Sesar Sanchez
Music Connection employees are friendly and knowledgeable. If you've hung around local music venues, you've probably seen them. So come in and get to know them. They're always happy to help you with instrument choices, accessories and general music chat. 

Sally_MacMillan_ Card IconSally MacMillan Top of Page

Owner of the Music Connection since 2003. A mother of 2 wonderful daughters and wife to her partner Bruce MacMillan. 

Bruce_MacMillan Card IconBruce MacMillanTop of Page

Part owner and backbone of the Music Connection. If you hear the Zombie's or Jonathan Wilson on vinyl, it's usually Bruce in control of the stereo. 

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I started playing music in my 5th grade school band, started drumming at age 15 and formed my first rock band that year. At 16, I joined local band Fenix Down and wrote, rehearsed and performed with the band for six years and released a full-length album. I have a B.A. in Music Industry and Technology from Chico State.

In addition to working at the Music Connection, I also teach drums here and play in the local experimental group Shadow Limb, a four-piece instrumental collective. We like to describe our music as "epic, memorable, instrumental progressive rock." Check out the band at our facebook page and come check us out live.

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Sesar has worked at the Music Connection since the Fall of 2002 and has since: Graduated from Chico State with Bachelor's Degree in General Music, has played in a plethora of local bands, volunteers with a local group called the Chico Area Punks, and does booking for all sorts of local venues among many other endeavors.  

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Hi, I'm Ashley. I am currently now teaching full time.
I play and teach piano and violin. I also really enjoy teaching voice lessons and having my students be able to learn what made them love music in the first place. If someone is laughing real loud or being a goof it's probably me. I love my job at The Music Connection, even when the guys give me "guff!" It's a great place to work - so let me help you with anything you need! 

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Nathan is currently teaching full time. 
Nathan is a Chico State graduate and joined the Music Connection team in 2014 with a background in guitar maintenance and repair. Apprenticing under Bruce, he has grown into a competent stringed instrument technician. When he isn't behind the bench, he's either teaching immersion-style guitar lessons to a growing student base or playing music in the local scene. Ask him anything!

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Ian has been with the Music Connection since winter of 2016. Coming from the Bay Area, he is currently studying at Butte College and has a musical back-round of acoustic guitar, ukulele, and bass guitar. You can find him at the Music Connections doing everything from helping people find what they need to rock, to working on the repair bench. 

Nick_McGregor_ Card IconNick McGregor Top of Page

Hi, I'm Nick! I'm the newest member of the Music Connection crew. You might have seen me at Herried music, and now I'm here! I've been going to school studying music composition and studying under the Chico legend Mr. Charlie Robinson, so if you want to talk music theory I'm your guy

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Skylar grew up in Chico, coming to the Music Connection for guitar lessons with Bruce way back in the day. Thus was born a deep love for music, the guitar and rock n roll. Today he spreads that love for music from the shop as a Connector and a love for rock n roll playing with his friends in the local scene.

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Cody is a familiar face in Chico, growing up and playing in a few bands around town. Eager to talk nerdy drum tech or weirdo music, he’s found a home at Music Connection. Come say hi!