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Violins and Cellos

Fine Violins for All Players

  • All sizes: from 1/16 to full-size (4/4)
  • Novice to professional: $99 - $1399 
Choose from fine instruments for all levels, from beginning student to serious player, by these leading violin makers:

Cremona Violins

Distributed by Saga, Cremona violins are a great Chinese-made violin, cello, and viola producer that has been a great company to make beginner stringed instruments.

Knilling Violins

Knilling has an impressive collection of instruments for every musician. Each one reflects Knilling's dedication to function, performance and appearance. As you advance from the student level into the master levels, the instruments display increasing refinement in craftsmanship, musical potential and overall beauty. The Music Connection can help you select the Knilling instrument that perfectly matches your interests, abilities and aspirations.

Scott Cao Violins

Scott Cao Violins is one of the best resources for strings instruments in the world. Over the past 15 years, players of all skill levels have relied on our family of instruments for their special needs. From soloists, professional players to students as well as collectors have all adored and loved our stringed instruments. Established in 1989, Scott Cao Violins have produced numerous international awards and gain tremendous recognitions. Our instruments have been noted for their unsurpassed quality, exceptional tonality and outstanding workmanships.

Cellos - Cremona

All sizes - 1/16 to Full size

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