Bill Hepworth

Bill Hepworth
Guitar - Jazz, Rock, Fingerstyle, Classical, Songwriting
Bass - Electric and Upright
Keys - Classical Piano, Organ, Pop/Rock, Jazz, Synths
Mandolin - Banjo - Ukulele
Brass/Reeds - Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn, Saxophone, Clarinet
Recording - ProTools, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Reason, Studio One, Logic,
Finale, Sibelius, and more
Whether you're picking up your first instrument,
looking to get to the next level on something you
already play, or already experienced and thinking
of trying something new, I would be thrilled to
help you along the way. I love helping people
make good music!
I have been playing GUITAR for 25 years and teaching professionally for 20. I hold a Bachelor's
in Music from USU with a guitar performance emphasis. I was fortunate to study under Mike
Christainsen (one of Mel Bay's primary authors of educational material), who instilled in his students
the importance of sequencing material in a way that focuses on your current level and builds at your
pace. I'll show you, step-by-step, the process of attaining exactly what you want to achieve.
I have been studying the PIANO for 30 years, and teaching for 10. The first 12 years of my
instruction were in classical and sacred music, with the wonderful Northern California instructors Bob
Fife, Marilynn Howell, and Glenna Batson. In college, I became drawn to jazz and learned how to
utilize harmony and melody to create spontaneously. In more recent years, I've been digging in to
blues, rock, funk, R&B, gospel, and a bit of boogie-woogie. Recently, I've taken to ELECTRIC organs
and pianos, as well as synth programming.
I worked for several years playing professional electric and upright BASS (everyone needs a
bassist!). I can show you beginning to advanced jazz, funk, latin, and rock bass - from the smoothest
walking lines to the grooviest technical slapping and popping.
I studied TROMBONE through public school, and spent my first year of college as a trombone
major (turns out I love the guitar too much… but I still love brass!). I've recently studied TRUMPET
with Ayako Nakamura, principle trumpet of the North State Symphony. I can teach beginning to early
intermediate brass. I can teach beginning to advanced jazz improvisation to any instrumentalist.
MANDOLIN, BANJO, UKULELE, SAXOPHONE, and DRUMS I have studied to a lateintermediate
level. I'd love to help out beginners on these instruments.
I believe music is one of our most powerful tools to strengthen the mind and body. And it's fun!
Building solid technical and conceptual foundations is a passion of mine, but I mostly just love to see
you make the sounds you love!