Jeffy B

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Jeffy B and the Bass Guitar

       The Bass Guitar is the foundation to most modern music.  Together we can cultivate a position for you to be in a band, and back up your friends/family with a Bass Guitar.

        We can work with a metronome (for time) and use dexterity exercises to build finger/hand strength.  Ear training will also be used in accordance with reliable chord progressions, and the use of the Nashville number system.


        I have 22 years of performance and recording experience, and have 5 years experience in training and instruction.  Also had an After School Music Program at Fair View High School.  I perform, write, and produce original recordings, and play bass, drums, and guitar respectively.

   Let's see what can happen to your creative self.  Contact Jeffrey Burkhart  (Jeffy B), here through The Music Connection.