Michael Dodgen

Guitar Lessons 
Michael Dodgen 
$30 per 1/2 hour
teaches onsite at the Music Connection
Professional Instruction with over 50 years of experience
Easy Format--encompassing theory, chord, and scale study
  • Learn the basic building blocks of rock and roll
  • Learn lead guitar technique 
  • Teaches at the Music Connection
I have been an educator in the public schools for over 34 years. I began to learn the in 1957. During that time, I have met many, many guitar teachers. Few of the guitar teachers I have met have had a curriculum which is structured, organized, and oriented toward excellence. All three of my sons have attended lessons with Michael and have progressed in an amazing way. Michael Dodgen is THE guitar teacher; I could not recommend him more highly. 
Steve Hamm, M.A. 
Licensed Education Psychologist