Thorsteinn Gunter

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 Playing piano since age 8

 Composing since age 10

 Bachelor of Arts degree from CSU, Chico (2005)

 Has taught and performed in Chico and Quincy, CA, since 2011.

Services Offered

 Beginner Piano Lessons, children and adults (any age)

 Piano composition / songwriting (any level, whether beginner or experienced)

My Rates

$95 for 4 lessons

(After the 4th lessons, you pay another $95 for 4 more)

Teaching Style

I emphasize structure and discipline, while at the same time encouraging creativity, autonomy,

and letting the student decide what his/her goals are. Students can also request songs that they

want to learn.

I have a simplistic, straight-forward approach, taking the student through the concepts one-by-

one, so that they’re sure to learn and progress in each lesson. I’m extremely patient and aim to

make the learning enjoyable, making sure that one concept is mastered before going on to the


Lesson Design

I design my lessons according to the student’s goals. If you are a beginner, I’ll start with the

basics (using up-to- date and the most popular methods and materials), then cater the lessons

based on what you want, and the kind of style you want to develop. I strive to make my lessons

fun, interesting, and as productive as possible.

Cancellation Policy and Other Details

 Lessons are 30 minutes long and take place once a week

 No refunds for cancelled lessons

 Cancelled lessons can sometimes be re-scheduled if a time slot is available, but this is not

a guarantee

 Students must practice a minimum of 30 minutes per day, in order to make adequate


 References available