Mandalyn May

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A songwriter, performer, and ukulele enthusiast, Mandalyn loves to share the joy of music with adults and children alike. She graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1999, and took additional post graduate studies in music composition at Santa Monica College. In 2011 she taught workshops at the SantaCruz Ukulele Club, the Wine Country Ukulele Festival, and Eugene, Oregon's UKEtoberfest. She is currently working with ChiChiUG (the Chico Children's Ukulele Group), to create and teach an after-school uke program through CUSD.
Do you want to play in a band, orchestra, or other ensemble?
Do you intend to play more than one instrument throughout your lifetime?
Do you hope to get a scholarship to college for music?
Do you write your own original music or songs?
Do you want to sing and play for your friends and others?
Do you want to play pop, blues, folk, bluegrass, or jazz?
While all lessons can include both of the following, there are two approaches to music that a student should consider after answering the above questions:

Theory-based_lessons:_ Card IconTheory-based lessons: Top of Page

will teach you the basics in how to read and writemusic, pick out melodies, scales and leads, and understand harmonic structure. Material covered will include the James Hill ukulele method workbooks.

Performance_/_ear_training-based_lessons: Card IconPerformance / ear training-based lessons:Top of Page

will concentrate less on learning to read and more on learning to hear chord changes, play different styles ofstrums, fingerstyle techniques, singing while playing and performance skills. Material covered ranges in style. Students are encouraged to bring in songs that they would like to play.

Individual_and_Group_Lessons_are_available_during_the_school_year:_ Card IconIndividual and Group Lessons are available during the school year: Top of Page

Tues. and Thurs. from 3:30-6pm, and Fridays from 3:30-6pm.

Rates Card IconRatesTop of Page

Individual: $30 per half hour or $50 per full hour
*Group*: Beg. Ukulele, Songwriting, Bluegrass Ukulele & Performance Workshops: $15/hour, M-F, 6-7pm
*requires 5 students to participate*