Whitney Brim-DeForest

Whitney Brim-DeForest




Background: Classically-trained violinist of 30 years, with experience in fiddle and pop/jazz.

Methods: My curriculum is student-specific. I tailor my lesson plans to best suit the goals and needs of each student. I like my students to be well-rounded, so on top of playing violin, we will learn Music Theory, and do ear-training.

Students: All ages, abilities, and backgrounds!


·         B.A. in Music, Brown University

·         Private individual study for 18 years


·         Lois Finkel, Brown University

·         Louis Fragos, Concert Violinist

·         Sherry Kloss, Concert Violinist 

·         Robert Dubow, former Concertmaster of Rogue Valley Symphony

Teaching Experience:

·         Private Instructor, Chico, CA (2 years)

·         Private Instructor, Ashland, OR (4 years)

·         Private Instructor, Providence, RI (4 years)

Ensemble Experience:

·         Brown University Orchestra (3 years)

·         String quartets and chamber music (over 10 years)

·         Brown New Music (3 years)

·         Pit orchestras for musicals and operas (6 years)

·         Other orchestras (over 8 years)

·         Smokey Robinson Backup Orchestra, Britt Festivals, Jacksonville, OR