Regina Hoff


Regina Hoff

Teaching Voice and Piano

Home Studio

34 El Cerrito Dr., Chico

Lessons include

sight-reading, theory, and improvisation.

Methods are customized to the students. The classics, patriotic, sacred, and wholesome popular music are included in the curriculum.

Limited openings on Mondays & Tuesdays


 Free Interview/Audition;

Especially interested in charter & home-schoolers; all ages; semester commitment.

 $100/month for ½ hour lessons weekly; $150, ¾ hour ones; $190, 1 hr./week.

Mrs. Hoff has B.A.’s from Carnegie Mellon University in Voice and Music Education, as well as a Master’s degree in Sacred Music Composition from Bob Jones University. She has performed in 12 states and the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, and has taught in public and private schools in New Jersey and California. Having directed church choirs in 3 states, she has taught at Shasta Bible College in Redding, CA, and is Music Director at Forest Ranch Baptist Church.