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Dan Elsen 

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DRUM LESSONS at Music Connection

Ages: 7+ Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Price: $30 / half hour $55 / hour

Wednesday & Friday: Afternoon/Evening

Thursday & Saturday: All Day

I have been teaching here at the Music Connection for 19 years, during which
time I have developed a very successful method for teaching people of all walks of
life to play the full drum kit, by ear, in a variety of styles. If you have never picked
up sticks before but want to learn to rock out, I can help you. If you have played
for a while but need to learn some fresh ideas, I’d love to share what I know. I
created a way of transcribing drum beats and fills that is very easy to read and
follow, which allows you to take home the exercises we work on, without having
to work out of a book or learn to read standard notation. I like to teach people
“intuitive playing” and how to “jam,” and I play guitar along with my drum
students during every lesson.


*25 years drumming experience *19 years teaching experience *20 years of working at Music Connection *BA in Music Industry and Technology from CSU, Chico *20 years of writing /performing / recording / touring with many local bands (Shadow Limb, La Fin du Monde, FenixDown, Ol’ Yeller, Palaver, Steve French, Story & Clark) *24 years’ experience on guitar *5 years’ experience on clarinet *6 years of work as booking agent/concert promoter at Café Coda *studied music extensively throughout high school, college, and beyond *very proficient in odd time signatures/complex meters *very experienced in independent limb coordination *able to pick out the beats and patterns from the songs you want to learn and teach them


  • The Music Connection     Chico
    (530) 898-0110
  • 341 W 3rd St, Chico, CA 95928
  • The Music Connection    Redding