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Justin McKay

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Piano lessons with Justin McKay

Price: $125/month for a half hour $170/month for 45 minutes
To get the most out of lessons, it is recommended that students commit to playing at least thirty minutes each day.

Conservatory-trained pianist Justin McKay has been passing his expertise on to students for over twenty years.
Focusing on giving a well-rounded musical education, the foundations of music theory are demonstrated
at each lesson. An emphasis is also placed on developing practical skills.
Student recitals are held twice a year, at which time students have the opportunity to perform for each other and their families. Justin is a member of the Music Teacher's Association of California and offers students the opportunity of participating in various MTAC events and programs, such as Certificate of MeritTM. Justin's students have received awards in a variety of settings, including first place in the Paradise Symphony's Concerto Competition, the Sacramento Go For the Gold competition and others.
They have also performed in plays, recitals, music camps, and other events.

Students receive weekly lessons; an average of four per month (some months there are 5 lessons, sometimes 3, as in the case of holidays). Missed lessons are not made up. For more information, please send an email to


  • The Music Connection     Chico
    (530) 898-0110
  • 341 W 3rd St, Chico, CA 95928
  • The Music Connection    Redding