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Yamaha YTR-2330 Student Bb Trumpet - Gold Lacquer


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Yamaha's Top-selling Student Trumpet

The YTR-2330 has helped thousands of burgeoning trumpeters nurture a deep love and appreciation for the instrument. There are many reasons why the YTR-2330 is Yamaha's top-selling student trumpet — namely, it offers great sound, balanced playability, and is built to tolerate the rigors of daily use. This horn is positively teeming with high-end features, including smooth-feeling monel alloy valves, that supply an effortless control that beginners will find engaging. You'll also appreciate the YTR-2330's lightweight feel and straightforward adjustability, which allow for natural hand position and promote proper playing technique. The YTR-2330's gold epoxy lacquer finish not only lends an enjoyable warmth to every note you play, but it also imbues this trumpet with a shiny, polished look that stands out during ensemble performances.

Effortless playability and colorful sound

The YTR-2330 checks all the right boxes, and promises to remain playable for years to come. This trumpet's gold brass leadpipe offers a comfortable level of breath resistance, and its .459-inch bore ensures effortless playability and a focused, colorful sound. The YTR-2330's rugged monel alloy valves yield smooth, quick action and excellent resistance to impact damage, moisture, and air leaks. This horn's balanced weight makes it easy for beginners to hold, and its adjustable third valve slide ring encourages natural hand position and proper playing position. The third valve slide also includes an easy-to-use water key.

Balanced feel reinforces positive playing habits

Thanks to its near-bulletproof durability and comfortable playability, the Yamaha YTR-2330 is a top-selling student trumpet. Constructed from yellow brass, the YTR-2330's lightweight 2-piece, 4.9-inch bell gives this horn a balanced feel — which helps players learn how to hold a horn in the correct position for a long period of time. Additionally, the YTR-2330 features a gold epoxy lacquer finish, which produces a delicate, warm quality and gives the trumpet a gleaming, polished look.

Yamaha Standard Series brass and woodwinds

A favorite choice of music educators, the Yamaha Standard Series of brass and woodwinds provides students with reliable, well-made, and easy-to-play instruments to foster their love for music and encourage their development. Taking design cues from Yamaha’s professional-grade instruments, the Yamaha Standard Series sets a new quality benchmark for entry-level brass and woodwinds. Treat your budding musician to a Yamaha Standard Series instrument and start their musical journey off on the right foot!

Yamaha YTR-2330 Trumpet Features:

  • Student Bb trumpet with beginner-friendly features
  • Gold brass lead pipe offers a comfortable level of breath resistance
  • .459-inch bore ensures effortless playability and a focused, colorful sound
  • Rugged monel alloy valves yield smooth action and resistance to impact damage, moisture, and air leaks
  • 1st valve slide thumb hook makes learning how to adjust intonation a cinch
  • Adjustable 3rd valve slide ring encourages natural hand position and proper playing position
  • 3rd valve slide includes an easy-to-use water key
  • Lightweight 2-piece, 4.9-inch yellow brass bell facilitates correct playing position
  • Gold epoxy lacquer finish produces a delicate, warm quality
  • Comes with a hard case and a TR-11B4 mouthpiece


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